neljapäev, november 08, 2007

pisike miinus

Vabandan, on olnud kiired ja arvutita ajad ja pole saanud kuidagi end siia sisse sainida, muud asjad kõik teisel kontol... it-keenjuse mured :)
aga tore asi on see, et tõepoolest, juurdevõetud ja koguni plussmärgini jõudnud grammikesed jälle kenasti miinuses, -0,7 seekord, kokku kõhetu -0,2. Oh oleks, oh oleks, et see nii jääkski! Et vähemalt plusse ei tuleks...


  • I couln't find your email, so I'm responding here:
    Hello Triin!

    Thanks for your comment, and sorry for taking so long to answer.

    I get the Phildar magazines directly from their internet site
    Their service is excellent, and really fast.

    The catalogues are in french, but they have plenty of charts so even if you don't any french (like me) you can easily follow the patterns.

    The pattern you were referring to is from last years magazine, and is no longer available. But if you are looking for gable pattern for men, I would recommend their Best Irlandais n.802 magazine. There are some great patterns and for 4 Euros it's a bargain!

    Have a great weekend!

    By Blogger mari, at 09 november, 2007 13:52  

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